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Heavy sexual tension; graphic details and more sexual encounters.

Greater Good, The
Healers, the peaceful Solonians trade with the people of the Realm for the...
Guardian of the Storm
The time of the great alignment is virtually upon them, and Kiran must travel...
Guarding Pandora
When Kayla's mother gave her a family heirloom, she had no idea it would take...
Healer’s Secret, The
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Heart of the Dragon; Volarn Chronicles II
Can Eric, a tough, handsome Green Beret from Earth, convince Kasha, the...
Highland Destiny
Mackenzie Stewart’s in Scotland for a much-needed vacation. During the...
Highland Games
"Not even time itself could keep them apart" Malcolm “Colm” MacRobert...
His Lady's Keeper
Sequel to "I'll be Yours." Independent and free spirited, Gemma St.Martin...
His Wicked Touch
The Brothers of Graff and Graff had trumped her every effort to beat them to...
Holiday Heat
Home for Christmas, Kate Swanson has every intention of avoiding her former...
Horse Tamer's Bride, The
Jilted at the altar … Derek and Sonja are about to wed when Derek is...
Hostage to Fortune
Viscount Beaumont has buried himself in the country since his wife died. As...
Hunter's Moon; Mirror, Mirror
Desiree was in dire need of a distraction. She got more than she bargained...
Jarad's Return
Banished from his people for breaking their treaty with the Kahn war lords,...
Just Believe
Annabelle Tinker is shocked to learn her sister has been committed to the...
Knight at the Faire
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Lady Pendragon
Born in the golden age of Camelot, Molly Pendleton had fought many battles...
Something extraordinary happens when Cade de Montgomery rescues the...
Legacy of Longblades, The
When she arrived on the docks she carried only a sack and a mysterious old...
Lion's Woman, The
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