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Janet Lane Walters

Janet Lane Walters lives in the scenic Hudson Valley with her husband of many years. She is the mother of four and the grandmother of four. Writing is her obsession. From the time she began to read at the age of four, she's been intrigued by story-telling. In third grade, she re-wrote the ending to Anna Karenina. During her training as a nurse, she wrote case studies that contained the elements of fiction. An eclectic reader, she's carried her reading habits into her writing career. Her books include mysteries, romances (sweet and sensual), historical and contemporary, fantasies and suspense. She's also published short stories, non-fiction and poetry. There's nothing she enjoys more than asking "what if" and finding what happens to the people she creates.

All Our Yesterdays
Captive of an ancient curse, Astrid must journey through the ages, through...
Dragons of Fyre, The
Drakon has escaped from the priestesses of the Temple of Fyre and returned...
Marriage Inconvenient, A
A marriage of convenience will give Carrie the means to care for her ailing...
Minor Opposition, A
Laurel Richmond RN has always dreamed of a home, a family, and since the age...
On Opposite Sides
When Jenessa Robertson learns the new Director of Nursing is Eric Bradshaw,...
Savory Seduction, A
As editor of Good Cookin', good food is Allie's passion, which is why defies...
Second Seduction, A
Mark figures it's the Blakefield curse to fall in love once and never forget...
Silken Seduction, A
Megan had a set of life rules that she had to constantly remind herself of...
Spicy Seduction, A
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Sudden Seduction, A
Matt Blakefield thinks he has avoided the Blakefield curse for all these many...
Surprising Seduction, A
Tony Carlin learns what making an assumption makes him. Lauren Grant has made...
Sweet Seductions
Print Anthology that includes A Savory Seduction, A Second Seduction, and A...
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Temple of Fyre; Kinetic:
Driven from the temple, stoned, and left for dead when she defies the high...