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Gail Wolfe

I was born in San Diego and raised outside of Chicago. As a child I would write plays and stories that my friends and I would act out. I read my first romance book, Jane Eyre, in the second grade and that hooked me for life. I have worked for Dell and Apple and various other companies, but my love has always been romance and romance books. I feel I have either been born in the wrong century or have lived a past life in Scotland or Ireland or England. Men with Scottish or Irish accents make my knees melt. I enjoy camping, horseback riding, photography, costume creations and time with my friends. I live in Round Rock, Texas with my Husband, Dave, two cats, Stormy and Piper and a Chocolate Lab named Guinness (yes just like the beer.)

Cottage by the Stream
What would you do if you were forced to flee to another country because you...
Slavemaster's Woman, The
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